Friday, July 01, 2016


I saw a firefly flashing high above the tree canopy.

This isn't the easiest place to continue your species. 

But perhaps this ambition evolves you, only you, for these next few weeks of life. 

Above the spiderwebs that entangle the love-struck.

And before the tree has been chopped down.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Body Serf

"I'm going to swim way out, past the waves. Come with me."

To where?

To unimaginable expanse. To life. To uncertainty. And to desolation.

To nowhere and everywhere.

Come with me. Ride a wave. Back to shore.

"No, there is too much to explore."

Sunday, May 10, 2015


I see it all around me today.

Old photos and "thanks for making me who I am today."

I'm in a place neither here nor there, one of emptiness and guilt and mourning.

Mourning for someone who is still alive.

And I fear can only thank once she is no longer here.

Taken by this current, down, I can only see the dissolving glow of light above.

How warmly it must shine.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The creator gave us two eyes and, by God, I can't bring myself to see nothing but two moons. The eyes do not agree with science. 

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

How The Trolls Get Trolled By The Trolls Who Get Trolled On

It's been 14 years now. Things are different. No more Thomas the Tank Engine toys. No more smeared cake on the face.

I can't think of a birthday more fitting for Asa than April Fool's Day.

He's a comedian. Practical jokes. Anything for a laugh and to make somebody smile.

It's wonderful how he's turned out. They talk about teenagers. This is fun.

So ... he had this coming.

Troll and get trolled.

When I was in the grocery store tonight to pick out a balloon, I debated between a simple "Happy Birthday" and the trifecta of Disney princesses.

But I know Asa.

He'd do it to me if given the opportunity.

As I walked out, a guy asked me, "So, you've got a big birthday party to plan tonight?"

I nodded my head.

He said, "Your daughter?"

This is where I could have just nodded again .. but I didn't.

In one of those times where you think your own joke is so funny that everybody's going to get it ... I explained.

"No, my son."


"Yeah, it's April Fool's and he likes to joke around, so ..."

"Oh, OK. How old?"

"Um, 14."

"So, if you just knew him, hey, you'd know, this is funny."


"You asked."

"I know."

Yes, the joke ultimately was on me.

But it did get a laugh.

And that's all I'm looking for.

Like father, like son.